Panelize different boards

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Panelize different boards

Postby marius » Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:14 pm

All the CAM software, including ViewMate allows panelizing boards and even creating panels containing more than one design.
There are two application notes that describe how this can be done: and
They are a bit out of date and reference an older product (ViewMasterEZ) but one can do the same steps in the current software.

Finally, a simple overview follows below:

Import the data for your first board. Let's say that occupies layers 1 to 9. Note the StackUp order of the files. Place these files where you want them on the panel. You can create multiple copies if you wish.

Activate layer number 11. Import the set of files that corresponds to the next board. Make sure the StackUp matches the first set. These files will now occupy layers 11 to 19. Select the data on layers 11 to 19 and move it where you want them to appear on the panel. You can also create multiple copies of this set of data.

When you've positioned the files where you want them, you can select all of the data on 11 to 19 and transfer the data to layers 1 to 9. You now have all of the data for both boards on layers 1 to 9.

When finished, export the data.
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Re: Panelize different boards

Postby jeffreyajoyce » Wed May 18, 2011 10:59 am

When I panelized the board for submission through Smart DFM, the following error appears.

"The board outline must not contain any data other than the path"

This is coming from a board that has previously passed Smart DFM check, and following the panelizing tutorial.

This is using Viewmate Deluxe
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Re: Panelize different boards

Postby marius » Wed May 18, 2011 12:00 pm

In cases like this it is easier to just send us the file and we will look at it.
Email to "" after you save the file in the Smart DFM module (it makes a .ezq file).
There is also a button in both the Smart DFM view and the ViewMate view to email us the data.
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