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How to select

Postby marius » Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:06 am

Most of the editing operations in ViewMate and the CAM software work on the selection. These commands can be found under "Edit/Edit Selection" and include moving, rotating, scaling etc.
How does one select elements?
There are several ways to do this:

(1) Double click near an element (pad, trace, polygon) to be selected. This will select one element only.

(2) Activate the selection tool: "Select/Selection Tool". This can also be done with the shortcut key "S" and there is also a button for it on the Editing Toolbar. Once this tool is active it will stay active until dismissed with either pressing the Escape key, the "S" key again, the toolbar button or the picking the menu item again. While this tool is active one can select either a single element or a group of elements delimited by a rectangular frame.
To select a single element, move the cursor close to that element and then click the mouse or hit the Enter key.
To select a group of elements drag a frame around the elements you want to select (press the mouse left button and, without releasing move the mouse).
To select a group of element without using the mouse, press the Tab key at one corner of the desired selection frame, then move the crosshair cursor to the other corner of the desired frame (with the arrow keys or by typing in X and Y coordinates - "X" and "Y" shortcut keys) and press the Enter key.

(3) Use one of the specialized selection commands. For instance, there is a command to select all elements that are connected to a given elements. This is "Select/Connected". Once active, you can move close to an element, click on it and that element together with all others that touch it directly or indirectly are selected. There are may such commands.

(4) To select a whole layer or several layers, you can do "Select/Layers" or right-click on a layer in the Layers Toolbar and pick "Select/New" (or "Select/Add" etc.).


(1) All of the selection commands act on "active" elements only. This means only elements that are visible and also they can be filtered with the several "Only" checkbox items that appear in the "Current Element" toolbar and also in "Select/Options". So, for instance if the "Only" checkbox is checked which is next to the current layer dropbox, then only elements in that layer will be selected.

(2) One can use all the selection commands above to either make a new selection, or to add or remove from an existing selection. This way one can build a selection in several steps. To do this, press the Shift key (to add) or the Control key (to remove) while making the selection. So, for instance if you press the Shift key while dragging a frame with the "S" selection tool, the elements in the frame will be added to whatever selection already exists (if any).

(3) There are other options that you can see in the "Select/Options" dialog, like one to select the elements inside or outside the selection frame, or to select pads only, etc.
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