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Postby arham » Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:08 am

I have panelized my board using Viewmate Deluxe. On the Vscore layer, I want to add some construction lines outside the panel to emphasize the Vscore line locations. Just some lines 10 mils wide, and 300 mils long.

I am trying to draw the construction lines by drawing an "Orthagonal Trace". I would like to
draw a line between Y coordinates of, for example, 0 mils and 300 mils.

Problem: The X,Y cursor coordinates shown in the lower left of Viewmate have ultra-fine resolution,
such as 300.129 etc. How can I get rid of the ".129" display and make the cursor "snap" to the
nearest complete mil ? All I want to see and use is mils, not 1/1000 of a mil.

I searched the Help file for these words: resolution, or Cursor, or Snap, and I can't easily find how
to do this. Can anyone tell me how to do this ?

Also, in PADs pcb software, you can click on a trace or a line, and press Ctrl-Q and get a Properties box
for the line. You can type in the exact coords and length and edit it right there. Can I do something
similar in ViewMate Deluxe ?
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