After I read back a Gerber it is 10 times larger

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After I read back a Gerber it is 10 times larger

Postby marius » Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:23 pm

This is because you probably exported in basic Gerber. Please make sure you always export files in Extended Gerber (RS-274X) - "File/Export/Gerber Extended". Extended Gerber files contain format information in their header which helps when importing. For basic Gerber files these settings need to be known and manually set before the import.
Particularly important is the "Right of decimal" setting:

(the above dialog appears if you press "Option" in the import dialog.

Note that these parameters need to be set before export as well, even for Extended Gerber. It is advisable to set the "Right of decimal" to a large value to avoid rounding (in a Gerber file all coordinates are integers without a decimal point).
5 or 6 are adequate choices. The implied decimal point position is "inch" for English units and "mm" for metric, so a value of 5 in English units will round to 1/100 of a mil - quite acceptable.
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