Error 25 during Gerber file export

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Error 25 during Gerber file export

Postby Jeffry » Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:31 pm

Viewmate Deluxe vs. 11.4.0
Windows XP Home SP2
Free space on HD: 109 GB

I have a 5x1 panelization job that I made. I want to export the silkscreen layer.
I go to the File / Export / Gerber Extended menu. In the pop-up window, I click on
the "SKU" layer in the box in the lower left, so it's highlighted. The method is layer by layer.
For filename, I type in Temp.slk and then I click the Export button.

It doesn't work. It gives me an error message in a small dialog box, which says:
Error 25:
Can't write file 'C:\Documents and Settings\MyPC\Desktop\Cam files for

The Viemate Help file has no information on Error messages. I need some help
from the forum to understand what this message means. In the message, the
105001.SLK file is the single board silkscreen, before I panelized it into 5x1 panel.
I told Viewmate that I want to write "Temp.slk". Why is it ignoring what I want ?
Why is it trying to write (or over-write) the original single board file ?

How can I tell it to Export the Silk layer to an RS-274-X file
without getting an error message ?
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Re: Error 25 during Gerber file export

Postby marius » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:14 pm

When exporing "Layer by layer", the file name for the export will be layer name.
So, if you want a save a new file, you either rename the layer to enter the path of the new file, or, better, use "Combined" as the export method.
When you do "Layer by layer" the file name you type in the "File name" box will be ignored.
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