Scripting With CAMMaster and VS 2008

Scripting With CAMMaster and VS 2008

Postby max » Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:28 am

CAMMaster is a very high performance CAM software program. Most of the functions that you can perform manually can be automated by utilizing the methods and properties that are exposed by CAMMaster. These methods and properties can be controlled by writing “scripts”. Scripts are essentially a recorded set of instructions that tell CAMMaster to perform a desired set of operations.

CAMMaster includes a built-in "SAX Basic" editor. I prefer to write my CAMMaster scripts using Visual Basic 2008. The tools found in Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2008 are very powerful and allow you to create very complex scripts.

You can get an application note that helps you get started with scripting CAMMaster using VS2008 by clicking on the link below:
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