How to move a network license server to a new computer

How to move a network license server to a new computer

Postby marius » Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:03 am

Moving the network license server to a different computer involves moving the dongle to the new computer and installing the network license server there.
Onve the dongle is moved, the old computer will not be able to serve licenses.

The steps to follow are the following:

(1) Install the dongle driver on the new computer.
Download from:
unzip and run the installation.

(2) Plug in the dongle in a USB port on the new computer.
Verify that the dongle shows up as a USB device in the Windows Device Manager as shown below:
Device Manager.jpg

(3) Download the network server software from our FTP site:
Unzip and install.
Verify that the servcies was installed by loloing in the Windows Servcices:
Services for Network Server.jpg

The network service is called "SentinelLM".

(4) Stop the service, copy the license file from the old computer, then restart the service.
The licenses are in the file "LSERVRC". Just copy this file from the iold computer.
It is in the same folder where the license server is installed.
This is usually: C:\Program Files\PentaLogix\PentaLogix License Server
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