License files for node-locked licenses

License files for node-locked licenses

Postby marius » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:15 pm

A few suggestions on how to install license files. These are text files that contain the license strings and are either emailed to you by PentaLogix personnel or you can also get them via email if you push the "Request License Code" button in the licensing dialog (this dialog comes up only if the licensing is not active or not working):


If you are installing the license by using this dialog, the next step is to push the browse button to get to the folder where you saved that file and then pick that file:


After this, you can push the "Install License Codes" button:


The procedure above can fail if you do not have writing privileges to the folder where CAMMaster is installed. This is normally "C:\Program Files\PentaLogix\CAMMaster 11.0" or similar, depending on the version number. In Vista and Windows 7 regular users do not have write access to this folder so you will have to log in as an administrator to do this.

The license strings need to go into a file called "LSERVRC" in that folder. Note that file names are case insensitive, so "lservrc" will work also. This is a simple text file, but has no extension (no .txt or anything) and needs to remain so.
An alternative way of storing the licenses (if the dialog method above does not work or you are just in a hurry) is to copy the strings from the text file that was emailed to you to "lservrc". Sometimes this is desirable also because one wants to eliminate old strings that may be stored in "lservrc" (they should be safely ignored, but it is always better to remove them).
You can do this in two ways:

    (A) Copy the text file
      (1) Delete the "lservrc" file.
      (2) Copy the text file with the license strings to the installation folder (where "lservrc" was).
      (3) Rename the text file to be "lservrc" (make sure there is no extensions (no .txt or anything else).
    (B) Edit "lservrc"
      (1) Open "lservrc" with a text editor (such as NotePad).
      (2) Remove everyting it contains and replace with the contents of the text file (copy and paste).
      (3) Save "lservrc" and close the text editor. Make sure there is no extension added to the file name (sometime NotePad will add the .txt extension).

    After doing the above you can restart CAMMaster.

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