Scripting fails with: Basic Object has not been initialized

Scripting fails with: Basic Object has not been initialized

Postby marius » Thu May 27, 2010 11:40 am

There can be two causes for this.

(1) Not running under an administrator account in Vista or Win7. Depending on the settings on your computer you may even need to run CAMMaster by right-clicking on it and pick "Run As Administrator".

(2) A failed installation of CAMMaster (not all components have been installed properly). Specifically scripting needs the following components:
sbe6_32.dll, sbe6_32.hlp, sbe6_32.cnt, sb6ent.ocx
These will normally be installed into C:\windows\System32 ( C:\Windows\SysWow64 on 64 bit Windows).
Make sure they are present there. If not and you find them at a different location, please copy them to the proper folder. If you don't find them anywhere contact PentaLogix technical support and we will help you install them. If they are present, there is still the possibility that "registration" has failed during the CAMMaster inastllation.
You can manually re-register again.
Do the following:
(1) Open a command prompt (DOS command prompt). IMPORTANT: on Windows 7 and Vista you have to start the command prompt by right-clicking and picking "Run As Administrator". This is needed even when you are logged in as an administrator.
(2) Navigate the C:\windows\system32 (or the corresponding folder on your computer)
(3) Type in:
regsvr32 sb6ent.ocx

Note that on a 64-bit version of Windows you need to run the registration (and copy sb6ent.ocx to) C:\Windows\SysWow64 and not C:\Windows\System32.

This should register the Sax Basic OCX.
Alternatively you can also try to uninstall and reinstall CAMMaster. Make sure you run the installation while logged in as an administrator.
On Vista and Windows 7 you may even need to pick "Run As Administrator" while running the installation.
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