How to quickly generate a board outline

How to quickly generate a board outline

Postby marius » Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:31 am

Smart DFM needs the outline of the board in order to properly do DFM checks and to generate the routing path of the finished board.
Gerber data (or other input data) often does not have a simple board ouline that one can use.
For the cases where the desired board outline is rectangular, there is an easy way to manually specify the outline for Smart DFM using a dimensions drawing, a drill drawing or even one of the circuit layers.
Do the following while viewing a reference layer:

(1) Avtivate the "Draw New Frame" tool ("Shift+W").
(2) Move the cursor close to the lower-left corner of the desired frame and align to a reference (if one exists - such as a dimensions drawing). Hit "A" for Align. The cursor will align to the element (pad or trace) closes to the cursor.
(3) Hit Enter to mark this point as the lower-left corner of the frame
(4) Repeat (2) and (3) to record the upper-right corner.
(5) Hit Escape to dismiss the "Draw New Frame" tool.

You should now see the rectangular frame in white.
In the Smart DFM setup you can now pick "By Using Existing Frame" in the "Identify Layers" step.
This will cause Smart DFM to use the frame as the board outline.
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