Another way to pick a board outline

Another way to pick a board outline

Postby marius » Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:09 pm

This method applies when a board outline exists on one ore more data layers together with other data (circuit, soldermaks etc.).
The steps to follow are:

(1) When you get to the "Identify Layers" step in Smart DFM switch to the ViewMate (CAM) view. Make visible only the layer containing the outline that you want to pick (you can right click on that layer in the Layers Toolbar and pick "Only This Visible").

(2) Now activate a tool that will search for the outline as a set of connected (touching) elements (most often these are traces). This is "Select/Connected" from the main menu.

(3) Move the crosshar cursor close to one the traces in the outline.

(4) Click (or hit Enter). This will select a contigous set of traces forming the ouline (if such an outline exists). The selection is shown in White.

(5) Transfer this selection to an empty layer: shortcut key is "J" (for "Edit/Edit Selection/Transfer").

(6) Make sure the layer you moved the data to is visible.

(7) Go back to the Smart DFM screen and pick that layer (the one you just transferred into) from the dropbox for "Board Outline".
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