Error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL server

Error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL server

Postby marius » Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:21 pm

The Smart DFM module needs occasional access to the PentaLogix SQL (database) server.
This is needed for:
(1) periodically updating the DFM rule sets. They do not change often, but they are updated from time to time.
(2) recording job and quote data when requesting a quote.

Note that (1) is not needed when in "offline" mode. This mode can be picked set by checking "Quote/Work Offline" in the Smart DFM screen. It is recommended that you work in offline mode most of the time as the Smart DFM module will start faster. One should once in a while work in online mode to make sure that the DFM rules are up to date (a local copy of the rules is kept on your computer).

Smart DFM accesses the SQL server via TCP port 1433.
This port is most often open on many computers, but sometimes it can be blocked by the Firewall. If so, you will need to open access in the Firewall or ask the IT person to do so if there is a company wide firewall.
Microsoft has a note with title: "Configuring the Windows Firewall to Allow SQL Server Access".You can get to it by typing this phrase in Google. It is a bit complicated as they are trying to cover all possible situations. If you are familiar with configuring the Firewall, you can just try to allow connections via TCP port 1433.

Microsoft also has a utility that allows testing connectivity of TCP and UDP ports. It is called "PortQryUI". You can go to the download page by typing "portqryui download" In Google. Please look at the image below that shows what the screen displayed by PortQryUI should look like we you run the utility on your computer:


The name of the PentaLogix server is "" and the port you want to test is TCP port 1433. If the status shown is "LISTENING" then the connection is open and ready to be used. Otherwise you will have to try to open it in the Firewall (or other blocking utilities).
If you do not have success you can post an item with a question in this forum or email
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