Licensing fails: LSDEFAULTDIR

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Licensing fails: LSDEFAULTDIR

Postby marius » Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:48 am

The licensing for ViewMate Deluxe and Pro is done with software provided by SafeNet. If on your computer you have other software that also uses the SafeNet licensing, it could be conflicting with PentaLogix software. PentaLogix assumes that the license strings are stored in a file called LSERVRC (no extension) in the same folder as where our software is installed.
If the environment variable LSDEFAULTDIR is set on your system (presumably by some other software using SafeNet), then the SafeNet code will look in the folder specified by LSDEFAULTDIR for the license string.
There are two options to deal with this:
(1) If the environment variable LSDEFAULTDIR is no longer needed (you don't have any other software installed using SafeNet licensing), then just remove this environment variable from your computer.
(2) Otherwise, you need to edit by hand the file LSERVRC and add to it our license string. You can use notepad or another text editor to do this. Copy and paste the string PentaLogix sent you to the end of LSERVRC. Look for LSERVRC in the folder specified by LSDEFAULTDIR.
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