Problems downloading the installation

Learn how to properly install ViewMate

Problems downloading the installation

Postby marius » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:27 am

ViewMate downloads are either HTML or FTP links. They point to a zip file that needs to be unzipped. The zip file contains one executable, which is the installation program.
There are cases where the zip file fails to download or an error is reported when unzipping (corrupted file).
Solutions to this problem:

(1) For the installations that are FTP links, you can try to use Windows Explorer and paste the FTP link in the address bar.
The installations are at:

ViewMate Deluxe:
File is

ViewMate Pro:
File is

you need to email us to request the link and we will email it back to you

Right click on the .zip file, pick "Copy" and then paste into a local folder on your computer. After the download completes, unzip the executable.

(2) For FTP links you can also use an FTP client application. There are several free ones that you can download and install on your computer. We use FileZilla (you can find the download with Google search). Using the FTP client, connect to our anonymous FTP site: and navigate to the "Updates" folder. You will find the above mentioned zip files there. The advantage of using the FTP client is that you see error messages that explain what is going wrong if the download does not work.

(3) If you have your own FTP site, we can FTP the file to you if you email a request to

(4) We can attempt to email you the installation as an attachment to an email. However, the files are large (20 MBytes or more) and most email systems will not allow such large attachments. You need to contact to request this if you think your email system will allow it.

(5) There is a website called YouSentIt (find it with Google) which lets you send and receive files. The "Lite" plan is free and can be used for this purpose.
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